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Sell us your equipment. professional audio, video, photography gear. Your own personal kit or your studio's inventory, nothing is too little or too much. 
Sell it Today.

How it works

Get A Quote

Contact us with a detailed list of what you are looking to sell.  Get a quote fast and free.


Pack N Ship

Ship your items to our center or we can arrange local pick up anywhere in the greater Los Angeles area.


Get Paid

 Once we receive the goods, you get paid.  Always prompt payments.  Simple as that.



Change is constant, don't get stuck with yesterdays products! No matter how big or small, let us quickly liquidate your items and funnel capital back into your hands.  Wing & Sons has been in the business for over 15 years, successfully offering customized  services for businesses and individuals alike.  We specialize in helping local retailers, studios or individuals that have need to upgrade or liquidate their equipment.  Try us for overstocked merchandise, prior-year models, returned products, collectibles, vintage and more.  We will take a look at almost anything that can be retailed!  

Pro Audio/Video

- Speakers & Monitors 
- Cameras & Lenses
- Mixers & Live Recording
- Rack Mount Monitors

- Mics and Accessories


- Medical/Lab Equipment
- Stage Lighting & Speakers
- Electronic Music Gear

- Binoculars & Telescopes

- Dental Equipment

Designer Label

- High End Fashion Brands 

- Clothing & Footwear

- Sunglasses & Frames

- Purses, Wallets & Bags
- Streetwear & Accessories


- Sports & Music Memorabilia

- Toys & Figurines

- Clothing 

- Designer Items

- Rare Antiques

What We Buy
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